Mata Hari - Without question, Mitchell gave a riveting performance.
— Broadway World
By taking a physical rather than vocal approach, Mitchell’s performance is a strong one: nervous and taut, Mata Hari comes across like a caged animal, constantly in search of the moment she can bolt.
— The Village Voice
Mata Hari - Tina Mitchell (gave a) magnetic performance. On stage throughout, she commanded every scene, and her lithe movements handsomely served the opera’s balletic requirements.
— Classical Voice America
Miss Julia - Tina Mitchell uniquely embodies the female protagonist’s ambiguous personality using a combination of playful, ironic and melodramatic registers.
— Corriere Spettacolo, Napoli
Tina Mitchell is solid as Lady Macbeth. Her portrayal clearly shows a woman
who is possessed, persuasive and determined. Her slow progression into insanity, with a marvelously played sleep walking scene, is stunning and chilling.
Mitchell’s Lady Macbeth, for all her frenzied, greedy, disillusioned
fights for power and notoriety, is still tangibly real .... her choices
provide the audience a profoundly sad, desperately struggling woman.
One whose madness we understand.
Manon/Sandra - Mitchell has trained with the SITI company, and it shows:
Her physicality is riveting. As she hurtles manically
through the story of her illicit passion for an overly lavish rosary,
her body speaks the language of obsession, ecstasy
and self-punishment; across the stage.
— Emily Hoffman - Time Out Magazine, New York
Mitchell delivers an appropriately grating, physically brave performance as Manon
— Stephen Kaliski -
The Most Massive Woman Wins - All four actors provide raw and evocative performances...
Tina Mitchell is admirably brutal as Rennie
— Adelaide Theatre Review